Holy Shit! Episode 50!


Well, who would have thought I’d make it this far. 2 years, various ups and downs, different servers and “broadcasters”, and here we are. The magical fiftieth episode. To celebrate, I decided to do a super epic double-episode for you wonderful bastards out there. 2 hours of me and my shitty taste in music! Woah!

Throughout the coming weeks, I’m going to be adding some more old episodes to the mix, including some of the very first I ever did for Profane Existence back in the day. And excitement/apathy ruled the land.

Well, grab a cuppa coffee/beer/strychnine, sit back and relax to the soothing sounds of…

Oh, and hey – if you plan on being in Calgary in and around September 10th, you might want to make a point to come down to Dickens Pub around 9pm. I’ll be spinning some killer punk rock and encouraging folks to drink cheap drinks. So. You know… get on it!



In the Oil Age – Episode 25 Re-Post.. AND we stream a new one tomorrow!


First thing’s first – the latest episode of DOOMED SOCIETY will have it’s debut on the brutal online radio station BRUTAL EXISTENCE RADIO tomorrow (Sunday)! It’ll be streaming at 4pm Eastern Time (north america – not sure about overseas times. check your most trusted time converter), and you can check it out at http://brutalexistenceradio.moonfruit.com/

I’ll post a downloadable version of the episode later on tomorrow night after it streams. Look for new episodes every week.

And here’s an episode that’s nowhere near new at all!

DREAD MESSIAH – mind insurrection
MORAL HAZARD – the festering
CHUPACABRA – footsteps of the frail
LOST WORLD – media mind control
TYRANT – hungry flames
CONTAGIUM – morbid intentions
MISERY – oil age
SCHIFOSI – vice grip
AMEBIX – progress (live)
AUS-ROTTEN – right wing warfare
DOOM – pro-life control
KEGCHARGE – god bless america
JOBBYKRUST – poisoned from birth
MAKILADORAS – heer en meester
CRESS – and still war continues
SAVIORSELF – enslave and enjoy

Go HERE to download, you fools!