Doomed Society 104. Finally.


Yeah, I’ve been slacking again. Sorry. Continue reading


The Hundredth Episode. Holy Shit.


Oh my god. We made it. Continue reading

Not For Us: Doomed Society 97


Oh, hi there!
Here we are with another week and another new episode of a shitty podcast. Continue reading

Time Bomb. Doomed Society 89

doomedsociety89 We’re getting ever-closer to the 100th episode. Which is kinda cool. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there further down the line! As it stands, here’s the 89th episode. I put this one together in a time crunch, so it might not be the most…um, well-assembled episode? Continue reading

Turning Point: Doomed Society 87

doomedsociety87 Well, it’s Easter today. Nothing but chocolate, bunnies, and stigmata. This year, it falls on 4/20, which is Hitler’s birthday. Oh yeah, and that stupid fucking stoner holiday. Continue reading

Sick Game: Doomed Society 81


Oh, hello there!
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Blood Red Sky: Episode Seventy(!!)


Hey, pals!

Sorry for the usual delay and all. Long story short, the living situation is somewhat unstable. And since I do these ‘casts from home, that makes the podcast situation somewhat unstable as well. Continue reading