The Dead Awake: Doomed Society #106


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War Is Hell: Doomed Society 99


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Names And Addresses: Doomed Society 98


Oh, hey there!
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Time Bomb. Doomed Society 89

doomedsociety89 We’re getting ever-closer to the 100th episode. Which is kinda cool. But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there further down the line! As it stands, here’s the 89th episode. I put this one together in a time crunch, so it might not be the most…um, well-assembled episode? Continue reading

Does Your Mother Know? Doomed Society #88


It’s another fucking Sunday, and you know what that means… more podcast mediocrity! Huzzah! Well, it turns out we have a pretty special one today. Continue reading

By A Thread: Doomed Society 86


Eh up, ya fucks! I’m back at you with yet another new episode of pure chaos, filth, pain, and destruction (although not necessarily in that order). Continue reading

X-Mess Holy Daze


Hey folks – I’m sick, groggy, and my vocie is rotten. In other words, I’ll be taking a bit of time off. I should be back with new episodes before the end of the year. Keep an eye out for my Top Shits of 2012 show coming first thing in the new year!

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