The Hundredth Episode. Holy Shit.


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Doomed Society 76 – Nothing But A Nightmare


Well, unfortunately Todd couldn’t be here with us this evening. Continue reading

12 Years Of Hell. Doomed Society Radio.


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What’s The Point… Doomed Society 41


Well, not much of a write-up here. I’m a tad hungover after my pre-birthday party last night. We came, we saw, we conquered.  Pints were annihilated, shots were fired. As such, I can’t even type this without feeling like someone’s firing a machine gun inside my head. Oops.

Here’s the show now!


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Dogs of the Apocalypse: Brand New Episode!

Hey, folks – it’s been a while since I came at ya with a brand new episode, but here it is – number 34, which streamed over at BRUTAL EXISTENCE RADIO this afternoon. It looks as though my time slot is Sundays at 4pm EST. So spread the word! Tell all your friends!

For this episode’s tracklisting, I experimented with doing a .jpg version. It’s simple, but whatever – fonts are fun.

I left the download link below the track list.

Seeya next time!



Peep this shit