New War//Plague LP in the works (and updates on the 2015 Doomed Society releases)


Oh! Hey there, kids.
Been a while.

Before anything else, I want to update you on the Doomed Society releases we have pending. Continue reading


The Hundredth Episode. Holy Shit.


Oh my god. We made it. Continue reading

Doomed Society Best-Of Volume 1


Hey folks.

I’m really sorry it’s been so long since the last episode. As it happens, I’m currently working on the next ALL NEW(!!!) episode, so everything should be alright with the world by Sunday. In the meantime, however – why don’t I share the first “Best Of” episode with you? Better than nothing, right? This compiles my tribute to Profane Existence Records double episode from way back in 20-whatever.

Here it is

Despite my lack of new episodes, I’ve been somewhat busy working on new Doomed Society projects. I’m starting (ever so slowly) a distro, and the label should be gearing up with a super exciting co-release with some anarchists on the West Coast. More on that to come. In the meantime, however why don’t you check out the October issue of MRR for an interview with yours truly.

Right – more updates and a new episode Sunday. Welcome back to school, kids. Don’t chop anyone.