The Hundredth Episode. Holy Shit.


Oh my god. We made it. Continue reading


Not For Us: Doomed Society 97


Oh, hi there!
Here we are with another week and another new episode of a shitty podcast. Continue reading

Doomed Society #91


Sorry to the three of you who listen to the show for not being around for the last couple of weeks. I was away in California, doing that punk-rock thing. You know – drinking too much and watching bands, and buying too many records. Continue reading

12 Years Of Hell. Doomed Society Radio.


I’m back, assholes! Continue reading

Last Supper: Episode Ten


Hey kids, sorry it’s been such a long time. Internet connection around this place is pretty spotty at best. I have a kick-ass Thatcher-themed episode all recorded and ready to go, but it looks like it won’t be online until after Sunday. Fuck. Sorry.

In the meantime, here’s another moldy oldie, going back to the Profane days.

WAKE – defiler
SKITSYSTEM – stigmata
FEAR OF TOMORROW – death comes crashing
RAT STORM – no silence
MAD DOGS – venganza de los malnacidos
BORN DEAD – sirens (CRESS)
BURNT CROSS – smother earth
BLACK KRONSTADT – last supper
INSURGENCE – hawk & the dove
MISANTHROPIC – fuck your aryan roots
LOST WORLD – apart
WARCRY – countdown to hell
VIVD SEKT – captive
RUDIMENTARY PENI – blissful myth
BLYTH POWER – bind their kings in chains

Get it!

War On Wankers – Doomed Society 55


I’ll keep this brief.
Cheers to everyone who made it down to last week’s DJ night. I was skeptical because a bunch of people bailed on it, but there was a really good turnout after all! Next one will be even better!

Today is Sunday, and that means another new episode. Another 2 hours of filthy punk, crust, and other dreck. Downloading is sweet, but listening to it LIVE is even better! Every Sunday at 4pm EST, followed up by The Brothers Grimm, Worst Case Scenario, and Epicus Apocalyptus! 6 hours of pure punk mayhem… you really can’t go wrong. Over at Brutal Existence Radio. Continue reading

Everythang’s Corrupt… Everythang’s Fucked Up


Right! This is a fairly big week over here at the Doomed Society compound (er, my bedroom at Manic Mansion).
First up at bat, it’s Sunday. And you know what that means! Yep, a brand-spankin, dink-punchin’ new episode of my so-called radio show went live on Brutal Existence Radio (dot-com!) earlier this afternoon. Now that sufficient time has passed, it’s time to give you the goods if you so desire. If you missed it, or if you want to listen to my terrible taste in music/beautiful talking voice over and over again, you can download the episode now! (Link after the tracklist, as per usual). Special bonus – you can hear me laughably try and pronounce Gaelic words with no frame of reference! Woo! Continue reading