Onslaught Of War: Doomed Society 105


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A Call To Arms: Doomed Society 96


Eh up, shitheads! I’m on a family trip right now, but I’ve prerecorded a few episodes to tide us over. Here’s one of them. Continue reading

Oh CanaDuh! Episode 94


It’s that time of year, folks. Continue reading

Oh CanaDUH – Again… Doomed Society 67

I’m still on holidays, and apparently Calgary is under water as we speak. Weird.


Anyway, since I’m on holidays right now, and I put this episode together in a rush while I was packing, this is a bit of a weird one. It’s half new, and the other half is a rerun of episode 22, AKA the Canaduh Day episode from the Profane Existence days. Since this will be airing (webbing?) the day before Canada Day this will be an all-Canuck punk show. Again. Continue reading

Ding! Dong! I’m Late Again! Episode 63

People Hold A Party In Trafalgar Square Following The Death Of Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Well, I’m late again.

Of course, the original plan was to have this episode playing in time for Maggie Thatcher’s fun-time funeral, since the first half of the show is all for her. Well, that didn’t happen and here we are.

Better late than never though!

So yeah, there’s a couple of rarities in this episode. First off ,the only time you will ever hear an Exploited song on the show. Also, the only time you’ll ever hear a Killed By Death/garage/power-pop tune on the show.

Here’s the magical tracklist…

CRASS: how does it feel
DEAD KENNEDYS: kinky sex makes the world go ’round
ANDY T: i still hate thatcher
HARD SKIN: still fighting thatcher
CHAOS UK: maggie
TOXIC WASTE: listen margaret
VARUKERS: thatcher’s fortress
ANTI PASTI: no government
KIDNAP: thatcher dracula
SEPTIC PSYCHOS: the thatcher
AD NAUSEUM: thatcher
NOT SENSIBLES: i’m in love with margaret thatcher
CHUMBAWAMBA: so long, so long
CHUMBAWAMBA: the day the lady died
CHUMBAWAMBA: ding dong
CHUMBAWAMBA: waiting for margaret to go
UP IN SMOKE: desperate measures
HANG THEM ALL: one head at a time
SKABIIS: frontline
COELACANTH: in the ashes
AHNA: coroner
CETASCEAN: bled in
SPINEWRENCH: tapping the vein
AMEBIX: visitation
ARCTIC FLOWERS: true words
DEKODER: anxiety
13: plague
IN DEFENCE: call more dudes part 2 – call more gay dudes
NO PROBLEM: what have i become
CONDENADA: promise of destruction
FRUSTRATION: sleepwalker
NIHILIST CUNT: unrealistic dreams
CHUMBAWAMBA: the police have been wonderful
CHUMBAWAMBA: always tell the voter what the voter wants to hear
WAT TYLER: the foulmouth graverobber

Ding Dong!

Mental Corrosion: Doomed Society #60


Holy shit, it’s been a while. I’m sorry about all the delays. I was in Vancouver and Victoria the other week, and podcasting was one of the furthest things from my mind. My bad.

Well, aside from a badass new episode, I’ve got all sorts of long-term plans for this Doomed Society thing. I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’ll just tease you until I have a better idea of timelines and shit.

If you’re in the neighborhood, come on down to Dickens Pub in Calgary on March 11th (that’s next Monday, yo) around 9pm to listen to me force my shitty musical taste upon poor unsuspecting punters. Cheap drinks, and the chance to throw things at me. Continue reading