Facades: Doomed Society (Redux) vol. 3

Eh up, nerds!
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Our Time: Doomed Society 101


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War Is Hell: Doomed Society 99


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Ding! Dong! I’m Late Again! Episode 63

People Hold A Party In Trafalgar Square Following The Death Of Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Well, I’m late again.

Of course, the original plan was to have this episode playing in time for Maggie Thatcher’s fun-time funeral, since the first half of the show is all for her. Well, that didn’t happen and here we are.

Better late than never though!

So yeah, there’s a couple of rarities in this episode. First off ,the only time you will ever hear an Exploited song on the show. Also, the only time you’ll ever hear a Killed By Death/garage/power-pop tune on the show.

Here’s the magical tracklist…

CRASS: how does it feel
DEAD KENNEDYS: kinky sex makes the world go ’round
ANDY T: i still hate thatcher
HARD SKIN: still fighting thatcher
CHAOS UK: maggie
TOXIC WASTE: listen margaret
VARUKERS: thatcher’s fortress
ANTI PASTI: no government
KIDNAP: thatcher dracula
SEPTIC PSYCHOS: the thatcher
AD NAUSEUM: thatcher
NOT SENSIBLES: i’m in love with margaret thatcher
CHUMBAWAMBA: so long, so long
CHUMBAWAMBA: the day the lady died
CHUMBAWAMBA: ding dong
CHUMBAWAMBA: waiting for margaret to go
UP IN SMOKE: desperate measures
HANG THEM ALL: one head at a time
SKABIIS: frontline
COELACANTH: in the ashes
AHNA: coroner
CETASCEAN: bled in
SPINEWRENCH: tapping the vein
AMEBIX: visitation
ARCTIC FLOWERS: true words
DEKODER: anxiety
13: plague
IN DEFENCE: call more dudes part 2 – call more gay dudes
NO PROBLEM: what have i become
CONDENADA: promise of destruction
FRUSTRATION: sleepwalker
NIHILIST CUNT: unrealistic dreams
CHUMBAWAMBA: the police have been wonderful
CHUMBAWAMBA: always tell the voter what the voter wants to hear
WAT TYLER: the foulmouth graverobber

Ding Dong!

The Move’s Done, Fall’s Here – LET’S GET DRUNK!

…get it? Old Profane Existence reference?

Right. Anyway.

So, in case you didn’t know, I’ve just moved out of my lonely one-bedroom apartment into an old house known as Manic Mansion with some pals. As a result, I’ve been unable to do any new episodes. Cheers to Fowler and the Brutal Existence crew for putting up with me, and for tossing on some old episodes of the show! New episodes will be in effect this week, I promise! Continue reading

Holy Shit! Episode 50!


Well, who would have thought I’d make it this far. 2 years, various ups and downs, different servers and “broadcasters”, and here we are. The magical fiftieth episode. To celebrate, I decided to do a super epic double-episode for you wonderful bastards out there. 2 hours of me and my shitty taste in music! Woah!

Throughout the coming weeks, I’m going to be adding some more old episodes to the mix, including some of the very first I ever did for Profane Existence back in the day. And excitement/apathy ruled the land.

Well, grab a cuppa coffee/beer/strychnine, sit back and relax to the soothing sounds of…

Oh, and hey – if you plan on being in Calgary in and around September 10th, you might want to make a point to come down to Dickens Pub around 9pm. I’ll be spinning some killer punk rock and encouraging folks to drink cheap drinks. So. You know… get on it!