Night Terrors: Doomed Society Radio (redux) Episodes 4 and 5


Sorry for the radio silence for the last li’l while!
We’ve been busy beavers behind the screen here, so haven’t been able to update the website lately! Ooopsies. At least we’ve been able to get the damn shows produced in a relatively timely manner! Continue reading


Gasping For Breath – Doomed Society 85


Ahoy there, fuckos.

Sorry to the three of you who were sad that there was no episode last week. Continue reading

Fucking Scum: Doomed Society 79


Hey, shitheads! What’s happening?

I’ve got another bunch of shitty tunes to ruin your day with…. including a new segment I like to call “Evolution”, where I show the evolution of a band’s sound over the years. This week I’m starting with Aus-Rotten. Continue reading

Mental Corrosion: Doomed Society #60


Holy shit, it’s been a while. I’m sorry about all the delays. I was in Vancouver and Victoria the other week, and podcasting was one of the furthest things from my mind. My bad.

Well, aside from a badass new episode, I’ve got all sorts of long-term plans for this Doomed Society thing. I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’ll just tease you until I have a better idea of timelines and shit.

If you’re in the neighborhood, come on down to Dickens Pub in Calgary on March 11th (that’s next Monday, yo) around 9pm to listen to me force my shitty musical taste upon poor unsuspecting punters. Cheap drinks, and the chance to throw things at me. Continue reading

A Piece of History… but not really! Episode 59



Alright! I’m back with another two hours of the best punk and crust shitz from the foul year of Our Lard, 2012. Same deal as last time, folks. I’ve gone through my collection (well, at least the parts that are on my computer) and dedicated each set to a particular release from 2012 that tickled my fancy. No hierarchical top ten nonsense. This ain’t Pitchfork, after all.

Well, here’s some of this shit that rocked my world in 2012: Continue reading

Earth’s Defiant: Doomed Society #46 is (finally) in the house


What else is there to say, really? We had the Calgary Stampede last week. It was shit, as usual – more dead horses, more tortured and exploited animals, more celebration of some faux-cowboy history, more drunken date-rapists. More of an excuse to hide in my bedroom and make some shitty podcasts, away from the stench of the world.


Enjoy the show, fuckos – download it NOW

All Things Bright And Beautiful: Doomed Society #45


Sorry I’m a few days late here, folks – turns out my free internet supply dried up, so I’m reduced to a very spotty so-called “connection” at the moment.
Enough of that – we’re in the middle of the work week, and we have a bunch of pretty awesome tunes by a bunch of bands who never went the Scion/Toyota route. Apparently that’s a rare thing these days. If you missed it, I went apeshit on the Twitter and the Facebooks about the whole subject. Long and the short of it is there are some bands who I might have played before on the show who I don’t feel right giving airplay (bandwidth-play? netplay? whatever) to for the forseeable future. That’s all I want to say right now. I don’t hold any personal grudges (I’m not Tim Yohannan, after all!), but I’m disappointed with decisions that have been made.

Right! Anyway – it’s a hot, sweltering July and summer is definitely upon us. Here’s the hottest corner of the hot, hot interwebs. The hottest tunes for even hotter times. Grab a beer or ten, turn the ipod dock up to like twenty (or whatever the highest volume level is – I still don’t know how those fucking things work) and get ready to rock the fuck out.

TRAGEDY – close at hand
WELKIN DUSK – no room for debate
DEVIATED INSTINCT – house of cards (live at MDF, May 2012)
WOLFBRIGADE – road to dreams
SKELPTARSIS – psychotic ambition
SCATHA – black rain
CONSUMPTION – dismantle
CHUPACABRA – set yourself on fire
BREAD AND WATER – will not argue
RUDIMENTARY PENI – nothing but a nightmare
ANTHRAX – all things bright and beautiful
ALTERNATIVE – change it
CHUMBAWAMBA – total control
INSTIGATORS – blood is on your hands
WARTORN – empty handed policies
LA ARMADA – lucha de clases
STATE OF FEAR – roads to destruction
OILTANKER – blight
OMEGA TRIBE – another bloody day